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Drain Cleaning

Day’s Sewer Service can snake drains with the latest cable machines with the capability of unclogging up to 150 feet in a 3 or 4 inch line, and down to a 1inch line up to 50 feet. We also high pressure cleanse with jetting and thawing procedures to fix pipes and drain lines.



With the latest cable machines, we have the capability to snake drains up to 150 feet in a 3-4 inch line or down to a 1 inch line and up to 50 feet.


High pressure jetting can cleanse sewer pipes or drain lines by firing a pressurized stream of water to clear clogs safely and efficiently.  This proves to be more effective than cabling as it doesn’t just unblock the drain, it cleans it as well.  A clean drain will not snag foreign objects that could block the drain over again.


With over 300 feet of line we can thaw or degrease lines from 1 to 4 inches, removing ice, grease or any other obstruction.  We also have ground thawing blankets for smaller areas where the pipe is accessible during colder temperatures or to fix a line in the winter.

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