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Septic Service

Day’s Sewer specializes in a variety of commercial and residential septic services including sewer line repair, septic pumping, mini excavator services, and camera line inspections.

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Day’s Sewer Service offers sewer line repair in the case of a broken sewer line.

Sewer lines can commonly develop clogs or leaks due to root infiltrations, obstructions, breaks, corrosion or offset pipes.  Sewer line problems can be caused by numerous factors.

Common Factors Include:

  • Roots intruding into the line
  • The settling of soil
  • Improper installation
  • Dips and Sags caused by frost
  • Heavy traffic over lines during wet times of the year


Carrying 275 feet of hose on our trucks, we offer service and maintenance on septic tanks, holding tanks, cesspools, out-houses and RV’s.  To perform proper maintenance the manhole will need to be removed.  After the manhole cover has been removed we can perform a visual inspection of the tank’s integrity, along with removing all of the sludge and scum layers.  Some systems have a filter that needs to be cleaned once or twice a year for proper maintenance.  We can also replace and fix float switches and pumps.


There are times a job may require some light excavating.  For example your septic tank may be buried and require some digging to access it. Often times it can be involved with sewer line repair and needs a clean out.  Clean outs provide access to the sewer line from the house to the tank.  It may also be needed if you have a plugged or frozen septic tank.  It is recommended that you add a riser to your septic tanks for easy and proper maintenance.  Our mini excavating services are perfect for this task.


Look before you dig! Our cameras provide the ability to see all the way down a sewer line to inspect the integrity of the line from the house to the septic tank.  It can also be useful in locating the exact location of the problem or finding the location of the septic tank without digging multiple holes.


Contact us today at (218) 947-3139 to learn more about all our septic services we offer! Sewer Line Repair – Septic Pumping – Mini Excavator Services – Camera Line Inspections – Portable Toilet Rentals – Drain Cleaning – Jetting & Thawing.